Wooden Decks

Extend your lifestyle by installing a wooden deck thus opening up and linking your indoor entertainment area to your outdoor entertainment areas, such as your pool. Imagine yourself relaxing on the deck along side your pool. Decks can be at ground level or elevated.

All our decks are manufactured using various hard woods including Rhodesian Teak, Saligna, Balau (Malaysian), Garapa (Brazilian), Massarinduba or Tigerwood timbers.

We also do offer a maintenance team if you require maintenance work to be done on your deck.

The Manufacturing Process

Your decking structure is the most important step of all

We use a H4/H5 grade of CCA treated pine structure as a standard option – our structure is mainly 38x114mm as joist work @ 350mm centres to support the decking over a 76x114mm beam work supported by gum poles concreted into the ground – this would be a typical standard structure up to a max height of about 1.2m, all decking is then countersunk and screwed down onto the structure with either cadium plated / galvanised chipboard decking screws. The countersunk hole will then be plugged with solid saligna wooden dowel stick and will be glued in place. Decking is generally coated underneath before installation and sanded and sealed 3 coats once completely installed.

At the coast we also offer a Balau hardwood structure installed as above that will last for many years to come.